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Thanks றѳѳղղįqվદ®, if only Microsoft would have had your skills to merge all those operating systems, tell me this though, with all those modifications are you you still able to have a fully functioning Windows 11 that looks stock without using a custom theme?
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Figured out my issue with the details view and resizing the columns, turns out I had to update my explorerframe file in the shellstyle.dll all working fine now, another thing that bugs me though is there is an extra gap between the forward and back navigation buttons, does anyone know of a fix for this?
all pre-installed windows 11 applications are disabled in the apps menu
actually, I have never used them even in the Windows 10 operating system
it is possible to use only newly installed applications that are not part of a clean installation of Windows 11
oh yes, this was can be caused by this file i think
I never had this problem because I don't use the shell file in the tem directory
I use my edited file using the 7tsp application

However, I came across one problem and I think it is also caused by the explorerframe file
here is one photo of the theme from last year and now
I have a dark background, maybe this is caused by the use of various applications, such as explorerpatcher
or my own uifiles that are overwritten in the StartAllBack application