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    Wow , I can no longer support Microsoft's shady moves , after Windows 10 end of life it is on to Linux for me, I already have it on my laptop.

    Microsoft is in for a rude awakening at Windows 10 end of life , Windows 11 ... or 12 for that matter will never gain the market share they think it will. At this moment Windows 10 still holds a 70% market share among Windows OS's while Windows 11 holds a measly 26%. If Windows 11 was they crack it up to be it's market share around this time would be very close to or greater than Windows 10, no one is buying Microsoft's bullsh!t anymore.

    I think come October next year there is going to be a message sent to Microsoft , one they will probably not like.

    You don't have to have all this special hardware to have a secure OS , this is nothing but a money grab by Microsoft and most of us are not falling for it. And NOW they are telling you what you can and cannot have installed on your own pc, They can stick it where the sun does not shine.
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