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I had the same problem today and I couldnt find the cause
I tried to change a couple of things in startallback
in the end the problem was not in the startallback application but in the explorerpatcher/oldnewexplorer application
these three applications cannot use different scripts, otherwise the right-click will be temporarily disabled
if a person clicks anywhere with the right button, his desktop is always automatically restarted
make sure you don't accidentally use explorer patcher together with startallback/oldnewexplorer
if you have a problem, the best thing to do is to uninstall the explorerpatcher/oldnewexplorer application
then install or update the startallback application
then you can install explorerpatcher/oldnewexplorer again
Brilliant help as always Moon, i think i must of had Explorer Patcher installed at some point, but in messing with things un connected, i needed to do a C: Drive reinstall of Windows, now everything is back to normal. I have just installed the update, and things are looking good. I lost my 4 SSD Multi Booting System in the process, but as 3 of the SSDs were not touched, it was easy enough to bring it all back using Easy BCD.
Always believe in "A Silver Lining In Each Cloud" StartAllBack did me a favour by going wrong, or should i say Explorer Patcher, as now i have a main SSD full of brilliant Themes again, and now i have a fully optimized C: Drive, all clean and running fast.