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the blocking of the StartAllBack application is moved to a new level
from now on, some of the web browsers block the official page of the StartAllBack application
it is therefore necessary to turn off some functions of the given browser or use another browser for downloading
as well as some antivirus software now move this application to the quarantine as a potential threat
it is therefore necessary to set its exception so that it is not moved to quarantine
the warning has been removed from many browsers
the potentional threat application was removed by an update for antivirus software
now the only thing left is to remove the warning from the upgrade to Windows 11/12 24H2 for the final versions in October
but this change must be made by Microsoft itself
in any case, as always, third-party applications will be available to remove these notifications
exactly as it was to remove unmet minimum requirements for upgrading from windows 10 to windows 11
yes, a lot of complaints have been sent because microsoft cannot determine
which apps can be or which applications cannot be installed on the operating system
every single person has the right to use the applications he needs without someone forbidding him to use them
it would be as if every person were deprived of their self-righteousness