UUP Media Creator UWP GUI release

UUP Media Creator now has a functional UWP GUI!
An utility to convert Unified Update Platform file sets into Windows Media files

What's new:
UWP GUI is finally available, it only has a limited feature set compared to command line tools
but that's already good enough for most people

You will be able to create ISO media in any language for the version of Windows you want as long as you do not need
Cumulative Update integration and this, without even needing administrator privileges!

UUP Media Creator is a set of tools designed to help you scan, fetch updates from Microsoft own Unified Update Platform (UUP)
and allow you to create medium out of it when an appropriate tool does not exist in the wild.

Right now the tooling includes:

UUPDownload: Allows you to scan, fetch and download updates from UUP
(Windows Desktop, Windows 10X, Windows Holographic, Windows Server, Windows Mobile, Windows IoT etc...)

UUPMediaConverterCli: Allows you to convert a downloaded UUP update for Windows Desktop
into an usable ISO image to use in last decade DVD reader or simply mounted.

An experimental UWP front end is also provided, but is not the main focus for now.

Supported features by OS

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