Hello there.
I am pretty sure that you all are fed up with changelogs of Winaero Tweaker in this thread. They are actually pointless, since the app has a built-in update check mechanism. So I stopped them.
By today, here is a new thing.
Meet Classic Volume Control for Windows 11

Classic Volume Control for Windows 11 is my latest app that brings back the good old sound mixer to the latest OS
  • The sound tray icon is interactive and display the actual sound level with its icon and tooltip.
  • The icon follows the dark and light taskbar appearance and applies the appropriate icon when you switch between dark and light mode.
  • Single-click on the tray icon opens the classic volume slider.
  • Right-click on the tray icon opens the familiar menu.
  • The right-click menu includes the following items:
    • The full sound mixer.
    • The classic "Sound" applet on the "Playback" tab.
    • Volume control options.
    • Items to start the app automatically with Windows, open the About box, and exit the app.
  • The tray icon is HiDPI compatible and doesn't look blurry on modern displays.

The icon fully replicates the behavior of the classic sound icon. So, if you prefer the classic volume mixer, you will feel home with this app.

Get it here.