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    Star Taskbar11 for Windows 11

    Taskbar11 for Windows 11

    Change the position and size
    of the Windows taskbar in Windows 11
    Added Multi Monitor options:
    Show Secondary Taskbars
    Equal Taskbar Positions
    When using multiple screens, the taskbar can now also be forced
    to the selected position on these secondary monitors, or hidden entirely.

    Taskbar11 customizes the look of the Windows 11 taskbar, which doesn't have any options by default.
    The taskbar can be set to the top or bottom (default) of the screen, it also allows for setting various icon sizes.

    Download and launch the executable "Taskbar11.exe".
    The program is portable.

    Windows 11
    Possibly works on other version of Windows.
    However, since Windows 11 is the first version with locked settings
    there really is no purpose to install it on earlier activated versions of Windows.

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