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Thread: Quake Logon Screen Share

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    Quake Logon Screen

    hey guys,wassup? =DD
    A long time ago,Donkuz asked me if I could create this Quake login screen like we've done before with Doom Eternal wallpapers for a theme he was creating but I don't even know if he ended up using it,as far as I can imagine I don't think so xD

    today i just sharing this logon screen with everyone here on the forum
    you can also use as a wallpaper if you like o/


    - Texture 199 by Sirius-sdz (Deviant Art)


    Sirius-sdz (Deviant Art)

    * my big thanks this time goes to Sirius-sdz,i have tons of textures in my personal collection of this guy and basically everything I create on PS is based on the resources it shares in Deviant Art,so for sure i am very grateful for Sirius-sdz's kindness to sharing all of his amazing work openly to the public,he deserves a lot of credits as he is basically the one who makes all the magic happen haha


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