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Thread: How to replace and patch explorer.exe with 7tsp correctly in w10 19h1+ and w11 21h2+

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    Virussafe How to replace and patch explorer.exe with 7tsp correctly in w10 19h1+ and w11 21h2+

    How to replace and patch explorer.exe (File Explorer)
    with 7tsp correctly in Windows 10 19h1-21h2 and in w11 21h2++

    Hello Friends and sorry if i dont have free time for all tutorials
    many messages on DeviantArt to me why only all of mine updated Icon Packs works correctly
    sorry but i dont have free time and permission to update all Icon Packs from the other creators
    here is simple tutorial how to fix UnPatched explorer.exe (File Explorer) Folder Icon

    explorer.exe located in the C:\Windows directory C:\Windows\explorer.exe
    explorer.exe is really special and protected system file
    this file cant be edited or moved to the other directory without Grand Admin Full Control permission
    if you edit or move this original and protected file after Take Ownership from this directory
    after restart pc or after restart explorer you get black screen

    please never edit and never move explorer.exe from this original directory
    how to replace explorer.exe File Explorer Icon correctly?
    open explorer.exe.mui located in the C:\Windows\en-US directory
    originally this file do not contains any Icon folder or Icon subfolder
    you need to create a new one
    open explorer.exe.mui with Restorator then right click on explorer.exe.mui\Add Resource\Type
    Type set this as Icon
    Name set this as ICO_MYCOMPUTER
    Language set this as (Neutral) very important

    do not use any other language because if you set language as English United States .etc
    after patching your Icon not be patched correctly
    again right click on explorer.exe.mui\Res Files\Save
    you need to save explorer.exe.mui as explorer.exe.mui.res

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