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Thread: Poison by Mr GRiM Emerald 4K UHD Theme

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    Poison by Mr GRiM Emerald 4K UHD Theme

    Poison Emerald Theme Updated for 4K Compatibility

    Preview shows theme on Ubuntu MATE 20.04.3 LTS


    • This was tested on Ubuntu MATE
    • Install Synaptic Package Manager
    • Install Compiz, Emerald and ccsm using Synaptic as superuser
    • Copy the theme folder into /usr/share/emerald/themes
    • Double click to install the fonts
    • Start Compiz, and run the command emerald --replace in Window Decoration
    • Enable Blur Windows plugin in ccsm
    • Start Emerald Theme Manager. In the Emerald Settings tab set Button Fade Step Duration to 1 and adjust the Button Fade Total Duration. Set the Compiz Decoration Blur Type.

    Credit for this theme design goes To Mr GRiM. Download the Windows 7 theme here:
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