I was hoping for some help with getting rid of two things that's been bothering me regarding the taskband in the taskbar. First one is this: whenever I'm using a taskband button that's transparent, I get this glow whenever the button is pressed or hovered over, the glow is somewhat related to the primary color of the icon.

The middle icon is hovered over, the one on the far right is not:

How can I get rid of this "feature" completely? I want my taskband app buttons to look like the one on the far right regardless of whether they're being hovered over or not.

Second issue is whenever there are more than one instance of an application open, I get this vertical bar in my taskband, again, the same color as the icon. I'm referring to yellow bar in this picture:

I've tried modifying Taskbar & System Tray > TaskBand > Basic > TaskBand > GroupTab but it didn't seem to do anything. Can I theme around this somehow or disable the function completely?

Grateful for any assistance after hours of trial and error!