hello friends, nothing lasts forever
14 years is a very long time, so I understand your decision
it is difficult, especially from a financial point of view
I am very glad that I could be a part of this great community
thank you Mark for everything I have been able to learn since I was 13 years old
I learned an awful lot, I don't even know how to thank you all
I do not have and will not make a backup of a single item
I only uploaded all windows themes as well as icon packs only to our website
I have an awful lot of work over 600 that I didn't have time to add
I hope that all my instructions and edited files or applications helped you
it is necessary to go further into the future and not stay in the past
I am glad that I could participate in many projects to improve your desktop
I worked with many people to make our dreams come true
I am most happy for the modified 7tsp application, I hope it will serve us for many years to come
I therefore wish you only the best and thank you all for being a part of my life for these many years