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Hello .. im in development to create simple start orb changer.. but i didnt really know what is exacly size of windows start orb image ..
i saw in startisback orb it is 54x162px size image .. my question is .. is 54x162px image is can used for all resolutions and windows scale ?
bcause i used old laptop which only have 1366x768 resolution and only can use 100% windows scale i cant see the different with another resolution and scale ..

for everyone please share any information about size i need to include in application to able support all resolution and scale ..

here is project what i working :

and maybe any suggest for feature i can add in this app later.. im not really good at programming but i will try to googling more to add another feature..
yes you can use this 54x162px image
if you are using higher scale as default 100% start orb has get automatically centered not resized