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Thread: Zero-G Pink v2 for Windows 11

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    Zero-G Pink v2 for Windows 11

    Zero-G Pink v2 for W11

    Installation Guide

    1. Install UltraUxThemePatcher:
    UltraUxThemePatcher allows you to use custom themes by patching your Windows system files.

    2. Prepare the Theme:
    Copy the theme to the "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes" directory. Install the fonts. Create a restore point.

    3. Customize the Taskbar and Start Menu:
    In StartAllBack check the "Win7 command bar" and "Enable details pane on the bottom" options. Apply the skinned start orb.

    4. Adjust System Metrics:
    Merge the theme's window metrics file with the system metrics settings.

    5. Add Personalization to the RC Menu:
    Enable "Add personalization to the desktop context menu" in Winaero Tweaker.

    6. Reboot:
    Restart the computer to ensure all changes take effect.

    7. Apply the Custom Theme:
    Right-click on the desktop. Choose "Appearance" > "Desktop Background." Navigate to "Personalization" and apply the theme.

    8. Customize Control Panel with OldNewExplorer (Optional):
    Note that OldNewExplorer can be unstable.

    9. Customize Window Frames with BasicThemer (Optional):
    Be aware that at higher DPI settings, caption buttons may not appear correctly. This customization does not affect the Modern UI elements; they remain unchanged. For autostart, copy its shortcut to shell:startup.

    10. Create a Restore Point:
    Create a restore point to safeguard the system configuration.

    Original W7 theme design by Mr Grim
    Pink Recolor by One Man Army
    Import to W11 by
    (c) 2023

    I take no responsibility for anyone that bricks their system, use custom themes at your own risk.
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