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Thread: 7TSP Work Icon Packs For Windows 10 22H2++

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    7TSP Work Icon Packs For Windows 10 22H2++

    Just let it be known, these are not my icon designs, credit goes to the origianl artist geepnozeex who has posted these on multiple sites. The screens below are actually his also.
    The only credit I take is converting them to 7tsp icon packs for use on Windows 10 22H2
    VC I present to you a series of 7tsp icon packs for Windows 10 22H2++ by geepnozeex

    7tsp WORK icon packs
    For Windows 10 22H2++

    Work Blue Smoke

    Work Blue Folders

    Work Elegant Neon

    Work Green Folders

    All 4 7tsp sets are located below.

    All packs are for use on 64 bit systems only

    The only files being patched with these 7tsp packs are the imageres.dll files on your system, the patching of this file will change approximately 90% of the icons on your system

    When installing or uninstalling 7tsp icon packs, make sure to turn off all security software before doing so, otherwise install / uninstall may not be performed correctly.
    These have each been tested on my system and work flawlessly, I take no responsibilty for incorrect installs or uninstalls.

    Use of these 7tsp icon packs have been tested on Windows 10 22H2 only, I assume NO responsibility for anyone that tries to install them on older systems.

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